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Brasenose College Wedding, Oxford – Lydia and Tom

oxford boating themed wedding
I just kept thinking "How on earth did Sam get that one? When was he standing there?". Tom thinks they are all just unbelievably cool, going through every single one saying "this one is amazing...this one is amazing...."

I’m so pleased to be finally getting round to blogging Lydia and Tom’s day. It was just one of those days where I instantly felt at home, like watching an old family friend getting married, it just had everything I could wish for from a wedding. The venue and locations were beautiful, the chapel at Brasenose […]

Villa Catureglio Wedding, Tuscany, Italy – Daniela and Carlo

villa catureglio wedding
"We are patting ourselves on the back we picked our wedding date so that you were available!"

So, after a few months off from blogging, what better way to get back into the swing of it, than with Daniela and Carlo’s wedding at Villa Catureglio in Tuscany, Italy?! I know, Tuscany hey, what a dump!!!!! 😉 You’ll be pleased to hear that the location was awful, the weather bleak, the day completely […]

Thornton Manor Wedding, Cheshire – Jessica and Andy

"OH MY GOOD GOD!!!!!! We absolutely LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!"

Just before I power down my station this Friday afternoon, I’m crazily excited to share this post from Jessica and Andy’s wedding last weekend. On Saturday they tied the knot in a gorgeous wedding at Thornton Manor in Cheshire, and to be honest, I’m genuinely struggling to find the words to do these guys justice. You couldn’t wish […]

Lemore Manor Wedding, Herefordshire – Kara and Barry

"I do not know how you capture emotion that the human eye doesn't even see but thank god you do because these pictures are outstanding."

So the 2016 wedding season, if it wasn’t already a couple of months ago, is officially in full swing! I can’t believe we’re already at the back end of June. They’re not wrong when they say it goes quick, are they?! Well, here’s another absolute belter of a day I couldn’t wait to get on […]

Tynemouth Registry Office Wedding, Northumberland – Hannah and Toby

tynemouth beach wedding
"Absolutely awesome, everybody's personalities are all over those pics"

This is Hannah and Toby, you might have seen they had a small gathering in the South of France the other week!!! I know, it’s not fair!!!! Well don’t worry folks, to balance it out, they had a trip to Newcastle for the legal bit, somewhere where it would be typically english; cold, wet, windy and […]

Chateau De Puissentut Wedding, South France – Hannah and Toby

"Fucking brilliant. I'm wiping away tears of joy!! Again next weekend?"

I’m sure it’s obvious by now if you read my blog posts or bio, that I love weddings!! Stupid amounts. I get excited (and a tiny bit nervous) every time I knock on the door first thing in the morning to say my hellos. Not really knowing what lies in store for the day ahead. […]

Cripps Stone Barn, Wedding – Emmalene and Ben

"THANK YOU so much! We've not stopped looking at these over the last couple of days!!"

I’ve been to Cripps Stone barn a few times now, and I’ll be honest, I always worry about what I’ll do that will be different to the previous visits. I never want to recycle work, but the more you shoot a venue, the harder it is to avoid that, or so I thought. You see […]

Grays Court Wedding, York – Poppy and Thom

grays court wedding
"We're still on cloud nine, but these have taken us up an entire happiness notch. Awesome, awesome photos."

Sometimes during a wedding, I have to pinch myself that “this” is my office. Obviously I’m there to work, but it couldn’t feel more unlike work. I get to watch people laugh and cry, I get to hear about the stories that brought them together, the stories that they probably don’t want a room full […]

Shoreditch Studios Wedding, London – Ally and Adam

"We absolutely love them!"

So, over last weekend, summer came and went!!! It might have been the shortest summer on record, but by god did Ally and Adam make the most of it!! Their wedding at Burgh house in Hampstead, followed by the big party bash at Shoreditch Studios had it all. London looked utterly beautiful in the early Summer […]

The West Mill Wedding Venue, Derby – Janine and Thomas

the west mill wedding venue
"Then we opened them and were absolutely blown away"

I’m not gonna lie, I’m so excited to be getting Janine and Tom on the blog today! For a couple of reasons really; firstly, the venue they picked not only happens to be one of the coolest I’ve shot at, but it also sits directly opposite my office, it’s so close, I could throw a […]