about me

Hi. I’m Sam, and I document people at weddings! I live in Derby with my amazing kids; the crazy, energetic and beautiful Betsy, and the big lad, bumps into everything, gives the best hugs, Buddy! An interest in photography and documenting my own family life eventually developed into a passion that I carry with me when I arrive at a venue on the morning of a wedding. People, and the craziness of bringing people together is at the heart of everything I do.


If you want to know a little more about me, in bullet point format, here goes;

– Born in Brum, raised in Derbs!
– I should weigh 20 stone, I can put away croissants like you wouldn’t believe!! Chocolate croissants, don’t even get me started!!!
– I really want to visit New Zealand and Canada! and Yosemite!!
– I’m a super keen runner and rider, if you’re on strava?!
– I speak bad French, so bad it’s funny.
– I love France!
– I’m an ok Skiier and an average snowboarder!!
– I used to own a 1969 MGB GT, she was a beauty. I miss her. Sad face!
– Order me a Dark and Stormy, and I’m yours!!! Or a Moscow Mule, or a Whiskey Sour, you get the idea!!!
– I once had a hole in one at golf, no kiddin!! Probably my greatest achievement in life, that and the kids! Obvs!!!
– I have a soft spot for Matthew McConaughey and Ryan Gosling! The wife is ok with this!!
– The little people we went and made;

I never really set out to be a wedding photographer, I’d previously trained as a creative product designer and always had a huge passion for art and design, I was just never very good at drawing!! It wasn’t until I bought a 35mm Canon AE-1 in 2009, that I truly realized that photography was my medium, I haven’t looked back since. I’ve now been shooting weddings full time for almost 5 years, and have had the pleasure of documenting 200+ all over the UK, Europe, and worldwide!

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I photograph weddings nationwide and internationally, based slap bang in the middle of the UK, in a little place called Derby, I’ve shot weddings in Suffolk, Cornwall, France and Italy, Wales, Sicily, Corsica, Spain and The Philippines, to name a few. If you’re interested in working with me/hiring me, please feel free to get in touch, follow me on InstaFacebook, or email me at photography@samueldocker.co.uk