Aynhoe Park Wedding, Oxford – Rachel and Verron

"We cannot believe how amazing they are!!!"

When I started out on this crazy job as a wedding photographer, I can clearly remember stumbling upon a fellow photographers blog post from a wedding at Aynhoe Park. It stood out!! It looked crazy, in a crazy good way! An incredible house full of stuffed animals, iconic furniture, modern design and art. As a former design student, it ticked so many inspirational boxes.

Well, last Thursday, I finally got to shoot there. It didn’t disappoint. Nor did Rachel and Verron, a couple full of love, emotion and plenty of good old humour!!

You may be wondering, “why is Rachel wearing a blindfold below?”, well, there’s a perfectly simple explanation for this…. Rachel and Verron had the “official” signing of the documents first thing in the morning, surrounded by immediate family and very close friends. Rachel decided t that the gospel ceremony they had planned for the afternoon would be the first time she’d see her new husband on her wedding day, hence the blindfold. It made for a truly amazing and unique ceremony in the morning, but also heightened the emotion and anticipation for when she finally did walk down the aisle later on that afternoon. Not a bad Thursday at all;

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