Beer Festival Wedding, Derbyshire – Amy and Dave

Long grass wedding portraits
"Bloody hell Sam!!! ...we are completely blown away! You are friggin awesome.
You've captured the love, fun and craziness of our day so perfectly!!"

What’s that Amy and Dave?! You’re having a Beer festival wedding and you’d like me to shoot it?! There’s cider, 3 different bands, and Splat the Rat as well? That’s as much of a no-brainer as you can get!!!! I’m in!!

You can understand from the above paragraph why I woke up on Saturday morning very excited about the days wedding. Apart from going to a church, it was so far from being a traditional wedding; and that’s undoubtedly what Amy and Dave wanted. They just wanted their best friends and family to have a good old knees up, with some good music and a BBQ, and it’s safe to say, it went down a storm!!

I was itching to get into the office on Monday morning, I couldn’t wait to get through the images. So, here it is, a little preview of a quite sensational day;
Creative groomsmen portraits Brown tweed 3 piece wedding suit beer-festival-wedding-06 beer-festival-wedding-05 beer-festival-wedding-07 beer-festival-wedding-08 beer-festival-wedding-09 Father of the bride first look wedding image beer-festival-wedding-11 beer-festival-wedding-12 Walking down the aisle beer-festival-wedding-14 beer-festival-wedding-15 beer-festival-wedding-16 Wedding confetti image beer-festival-wedding-18 beer-festival-wedding-19 beer-festival-wedding-01 beer-festival-wedding-02 beer-festival-wedding-20 Wedding LOVE light up letters beer-festival-wedding-22 beer-festival-wedding-23 beer-festival-wedding-24 beer-festival-wedding-25 beer-festival-wedding-26 beer-festival-wedding-27 beer-festival-wedding-28 beer-festival-wedding-29 beer-festival-wedding-30 beer-festival-wedding-31 beer-festival-wedding-32 beer-festival-wedding-33 beer-festival-wedding-34 beer-festival-wedding-35 beer-festival-wedding-36 beer-festival-wedding-37 beer-festival-wedding-38 beer-festival-wedding-39 Golden sunlight wedding picture Gorgeous evening sunlight at wedding English countryside wedding Long grass wedding portraits beer-festival-wedding-44 Bride and a yard of ale Beer festival wedding theme Beer Festival wedding Beer festival wedding beer-festival-wedding-49 Splat the Rat wedding game


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