Best of 2015 – Our Family

Welcome to the squad Buddy Ray!!

So, it’s been a pretty crazy year has 2015!!! I’m sure every year must feel like that to everyone, but this one is extra specially crazy for us; we moved house, (twice! The in-laws kindly putting us up for 2-3 months) and we also welcomed a final member (that is it, no more for us!!) into the Docker household. Buddy Ray Docker made is long awaited appearance on September the 1st, and has completed our little family! His big sister can’t get enough cuddles (could be confused for wrestling moves!) and it’s amazing to see that he’s happy and full of smiles already.

At the start of the year, we also took our Honeymoon to Egypt, if you can call it that with a 3 year old in tow and a pregnant wife?! It was an incredible week, and with the house move just around the corner, exactly what we needed. After that, images of the family drop off for a few months, it was after all wedding season (see below), and instead of carrying a camera round the new family house, it was time for a paint brush and power drill!! I don’t plan on moving house or having a pregnant wife during the middle of the summer, ever again!!!

On a professional level, I’ve had my most successful wedding season so far, you can see my 2015 Best of, and it was also amazeballs to win a couple of awards, Rangefinder and TWIA. There’s no doubt that during the summer, taking pictures of the family feels a little like a bus-mans holiday, but it’s definitely something I need to make more of an effort to do, even more so now that we have an extra little human to amuse us!

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