Best Wedding Photography of 2019 – a year in review

best of 2019 wedding photography review

Best of 2019…. what?! 7 full years of doing this thing?! It’s a bit of a blur, but this thing that just started out by taking a camera to a mates wedding… that has meant I’ve now attended over 300 weddings since 2013… this thing that has allowed me and my family to travel to some destinations we would never have dreamt of visiting… this thing that continually builds new and lifelong friendships, and this thing that I now teach. It’s easy to just be busy in this industry, to bury yourself into work, especially in the heart of the wedding season when the edit pile grows and you’re packing your bag for another weekend, it’s usually only during these down months that we get to take stock and realise just how fortunate we are to have such an entertaining, varied and flexible workspace, full of moments and memories that only really happen when you bring people together and ply them with free booze!!!! That said, there were plenty of moments for me this year; I’d be chatting to my couples, or guests of their wedding, or fellow suppliers, and I made a conscious effort to remind myself just how much of an amazing job this is, and how fortunate I am to do something I love (and hopefully ok at?!!) on a couples very best day.

2019 kicked off in style as the 4 of us boarded a flight to the stunning island of Antigua in February, an island that now holds some incredible memories, memories that Betsy and Buddy still talk about now, I genuinely hope we get to return there one day. The rest of the year was another whirlwind, with weddings scattered all over the UK; from Cornwall and the Cotswolds, to London and Kent. The passport also got a little beating, with trips to France, Italy, Mallorca, Gotland, Portugal and Rhodes.

2020 promises to be a little different; those who have attended my workshops and talks will know my aim has always been to reduce the amount of weddings I shoot, and this is the first ever year under 30, I’m fully booked at 22, allowing me to give 110% to my couples on their day, to spend more time at home and as a family on the weekends (the only downside to this job!), and to host a few extra workshops later on in the year. I can’t wait to see what adventures and stories the year puts in front of me!

So, all that leaves me to say is…. Thank you. To each and every couple who asked me along to their big day in 2019, to those who put their faith and trust in me to document their wedding, those that hugged me, high-fived me, who gave me a beer or a whiskey sour, or both, thank you so so much. I hope you have some alright wedding photos!!!! Godspeed.

This is it, 95 of my favourite frames from the past year. I can remember each frame as though it was yesterday. Some might be obvious standout frames, some just grabbed me during the process of pulling this collection together, but rest assured, there’s a real mix of emotion, portraits, dancing, drinking and laughing coming your way in the next few minutes….. enjoy, and thanks!

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