Wedding Photography Workshop, London, UK – 30th September 2020

"The course is full of real, practical information that you can actually use, and basically pays for itself! Sam is extremely personable and affable, and makes you feel comfortable immediately, so you have no reservations about asking questions throughout the day, and he holds nothing back." - KATE LOWE

Wedding Photography Workshop, Derby, UK – 22nd September 2020

"just a quick one to say THANK YOU so much for all the insights and honest feedback. Yours was the third workshop I attended in less than two months, and I can honestly say it was the most insightful. I loved how open you were with regards to pricing, sharing all the nitty gritty details of how you set up your camera, post-process and generally approach a shoot, as well as sharing all the info on how you respond to clients and what you put into your e-Brochure. I learned tons and cannot wait to implement my learnings in the new year." - Nina Wernicke

Wedding Photography Workshop, Newcastle, UK – 29th July 2020

"You’ll come away with a new mindset and a determination to put all you’ve learned into practice. You’re given an insight into how to run a successful business that works for you, with actionable ideas that you know you should have been doing all along. It’s inspirational, eye opening and a kick up the backside we all need." - RONNIE HALL