The first few days – Boracay Island, The Philippines

Ok, so you may or may not be aware that this week, the 3 of us are on Boracay Island in the Philippines!! I can’t recall if I told everyone over the past few weeks or not!!!! We’ve only been here 2 days, but have been utterly blown away by the place, its genuinely hard to describe how stunningly bizarre the island is, and how lovely the people are. This is a little summary of the past few days, with a few pictures to follow;

  • We’ve flown 3559 miles
  • We’ve been on 3 aeroplanes, 1 boat, 1 coach and a tuck tuck!!
  • I’ve watched 4 in-flight films.
  • Used 4 taxi’s (big thanks for the first dad!!)
  • We’ve witnessed dancing chef’s!
  • Betsy has been treated like a mini celebrity since we stepped off the plane in Hong Kong!
  • We’ve caught up with old friends, and made plenty of new ones – especially Betsy!!
  • Betsy has had 3 ice creams, 1 of which ruined her top, which in turn was “daddies fault”!!
  • Our apartment is bigger than our house and finished like the savoy, but is cheaper than a stay in a travelodge!

Tomorrow I get to shoot the wedding of Dec and Ebs, I’m beyond excited. To have Jemma and Betsy here with me just makes it even more special!! This is a little snapshot of the first few days, you’ll note I had a couple of helpers yesterday to test the evening light!

See you soon folks.


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