Brasenose College Wedding, Oxford – Lydia and Tom

oxford boating themed wedding
I just kept thinking "How on earth did Sam get that one? When was he standing there?". Tom thinks they are all just unbelievably cool, going through every single one saying "this one is amazing...this one is amazing...."

I’m so pleased to be finally getting round to blogging Lydia and Tom’s day. It was just one of those days where I instantly felt at home, like watching an old family friend getting married, it just had everything I could wish for from a wedding. The venue and locations were beautiful, the chapel at Brasenose college was something else, bridal entrances don’t come much bigger or grander than that!! The cricket pavilion they used for the reception afterwards was equally impressive, a stunning canvas for an afternoon of fun and laughter, there might have been the odd tear, but it was mostly laughter, and dancing!!

I’d previously met Lydia and Tom, only a month of so prior to the wedding for an engagement shoot around the peak district, and following on from that shoot I couldn’t wait to spend the day with them in Oxford, a super lovely couple, and Tom really knows how to work the smouldering “i’m not looking at the camera, but I’m looking the camera” look!!!! He totally nailed it!

Needless to say, I had an incredibly fun day in Oxford that day, and I only ate 4 scones!!

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