Castelnau des Fieumarcon Wedding, France – Claire and Dave

"Bosh, smashed it. Utterly fabulous"

I LOVE FRANCE, and having spent a weekend with Dave and Claire for their Castelnau des Fieumarcon wedding just outside of Toulouse, I want to go and live there!!! The landscape, the food, the cheese, the wine, and more often than not, the weather, are all there in glorious abundance. If you can’t see why people love to travel there to get married, I’d recommend you book a visit to the opticians!

I met Claire and Dave for the first time, in fact, the first time we’d even spoken, the night before the wedding. It turns out living for the last few years in Sydney, moving back to the UK, and planning your wedding in the South of France can be quite stressful, and finding the time to Skype your photographer was probably quite low on the agenda!!! But I did also witness my 2nd child enter the world 5 days prior, so we both had a bit on our plates. Fortunately for me, spending 2 minutes in Dave and Claire’s company, and you can’t help but feel like you’ve known them for years.

I couldn’t have asked for more from this weekend; an amazing location, a wonderful couple getting married, surrounded by some truly brilliant (if slightly crazy) friends and family, plenty of great food, wine, dancing, partying, downing bottles of champagne, criminal records, more champagne, and more dancing; all the usual stuff you associate with a great wedding really, this had it!!!


castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-01 france wedding photography castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-03 france wedding photography castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-05 castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-06 france wedding photography castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-08 castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-09 castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-10 france wedding photography castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-12 castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-13 castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-15 castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-16 castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-17 castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-19 castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-20 castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-21 castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-22 castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-23 castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-24 castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-18


{ and then, the wedding day… }

castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-25 castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-27 castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-26 castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-28 castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-29 south of france wedding france wedding photography castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-32 france wedding photography castelnau des fieumarcon castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-35 castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-37 castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-38 france wedding photography castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-39 castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-40 castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-41 castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-42 castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-43 castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-44 castelnau des fieumarcon castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-46 france wedding photography outdoor france wedding outdoor france wedding castelnau des fieumarcon outdoor france wedding castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-52 outdoor france wedding castelnau des fieumarcon castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-55 castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-56 castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-57 castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-58 castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-59 outdoor france wedding castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-61 castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-62 castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-63 castelnau des fieumarcon castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-65 castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-66 castelnau des fieumarcon castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-68 castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-69 france wedding photography france wedding photography castelnau des fieumarcon outdoor france wedding castelnau des fieumarcon france wedding photography south-of-france-wedding-01 france wedding photography france wedding photography castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-79 castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-80 france wedding photography castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-82 castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-83 france wedding photography croquembouche wedding cake and sparklers castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-86 castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-87 castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-88 castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-89 castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-90 castelnau des fieumarcon castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-92 castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-93 castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-94 castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-95 castelnau-des-fieumarcon-wedding-96


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