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Julie + James – Engagement Shoot, Ashbourne

Jumping Couple

Any couple who are prepared to run 200 yards up a steep inclined hill just so that I can take a shot, are top banana in my eyes!! It almost didn’t happen though, we had a huge downpour just before we met, I encountered a bad crash on route and struggled to find a way […]

The Boyds – [Family Shoot, Derby]

Baby Portraits

This is the Boyd family (they’re awesome by the way!!) at Allestree park on a cold February afternoon!! Kate had asked me a few weeks before if I could meet them to do a little shoot for Grahams fathers day present, so off we went for a walk round a lake, armed with bread for […]

Soma + Alex – [Portrait Shoot, Derby]

Baby Bump Photo

There’s a baby on the way!!! I’m really really excited for these guys, I’ve known Alex as a fellow photographer for a while now, and when he asked me if I could get some shots of his soon to be new family, I couldn’t wait (even if I did feel the pressure of a fellow […]


Blinds on boat

If you’ve always thought canal boats are for retired folk, think again…. When the suns shines there aren’t many better places to be than on the back deck of a boat with a cold bottle of beer in hand….. This was our weekend;


Childrens Documentary Portraits

Kids are mental!! After an hour running around (more like trying to catch up) with these 2, I needed a lie down!! There were numerous occasions where no sooner had I caught up with them and fired off a few frames, they were off again, off down another little path and through more trees into […]

Carl Watkins – A year of Hair [Charity – Greyhound, Derby]

Carl Charity Portraits

To those of you reading this that already know Carl, for which there will be many, he needs no introduction. For those of you that aren’t so lucky, well, where do I start?! The first thing that springs to mind is that you couldn’t say a bad word about the guy, he genuinely is one […]