Combermere Abbey Wedding, Cheshire – Jessica and Jordan

combermere abbey wedding
"I can't express to you enough what a HERO you were on Monday. Multiple people have come to me saying how amazing you were, how they didn't even notice you were there but when they did you seemed like you were part of the wedding guest list"

How do I even follow those words from Jessica?! Well, it’s fair to say that I can only come across as a wedding guest when I’m made to feel like a wedding guest, and these guys couldn’t have made me feel more welcome. I remember meeting Jordan for a drink in Manchester earlier on in the year (Jessica was based in New York at the time), and within a minute of chatting to him, I knew we’d be in for a good day in August. We drank a couple of beers, chatted about wedding stuff, work and business, maybe football, I’m sure we also called Jessica (who was anxiously waiting to hear how the meeting went!!!) and pranked her into thinking I was a complete nutjob, and that they should keep searching for a photographer!!! Obviously they didn’t!

Following another meeting and several amusing emails, we fast forward to their big day in August, at the stunning Combermere Abbey up in Cheshire, and it was like documenting the wedding of 2 long lost friends, surrounded by crazy Americans and scousers, it’s a special combination for a wedding, trust me!!!! Ironically, even though it’s only an hour or so’s drive for me, I’d never heard of Combermere Abbey until Jessica and Jordan had emailed, but it was quickly very clear to see why the venue grabbed them. The day itself delivered on every level, but let’s be honest, with dozens of Americans coming over for a party, it was never going to be a dull affair, was it?!!!

Needless to say, I left late into the night, beaming at what had been an incredible day in Cheshire. A huge amount of thanks and love to Jessica and Jordan for having me along.

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