Cripps Barn Wedding, Bibury – Laura and Adam

"Unreal!!!!!! Smashed it"

What do I even say about these guys?! Well, I had a good feeling when I got out of my premier inn bed on the bank holiday Monday down in Cheltenham, even though we hadn’t met, I knew from emailing and skyping this pair that we were in for a belter! It was better than that though, they took it to another level! Set at the amazing Cripps Barn in Bibury, the weather gods looking down on us, and with Laura rocking a hot Charlie Brear number, it really was something special.

I’m not even going to tell you what happened, I’m just going to hit you with these images;

cripps-barn-bibury-01 cripps-barn-bibury-02 cripps-barn-bibury-03 cripps-barn-bibury-04 cripps-barn-bibury-05 cripps-barn-bibury-06 cripps-barn-bibury-07 cripps-barn-bibury-08 cripps-barn-bibury-09 cripps-barn-bibury-10 cripps-barn-bibury-11 cripps-barn-bibury-12 cripps-barn-bibury-13 cripps-barn-bibury-14 cripps-barn-bibury-15 cripps-barn-bibury-16 cripps-barn-bibury-17 cripps-barn-bibury-18 cripps-barn-bibury-19 cripps-barn-bibury-20 cripps-barn-bibury-21 cripps-barn-bibury-22 cripps-barn-bibury-23 cripps-barn-bibury-24 cripps-barn-bibury-25 cripps-barn-bibury-26 cripps-barn-bibury-27 cripps-barn-bibury-28 cripps-barn-bibury-29 cripps-barn-bibury-30 cripps-barn-bibury-31 cripps-barn-bibury-32 cripps-barn-bibury-33 cripps-barn-bibury-34 cripps-barn-bibury-35 cripps-barn-bibury-36 cripps-barn-bibury-37 cripps-barn-bibury-38 cripps-barn-bibury-39 cripps-barn-bibury-40


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