Cripps Stone Barn, Wedding – Emmalene and Ben

"THANK YOU so much! We've not stopped looking at these over the last couple of days!!"

I’ve been to Cripps Stone barn a few times now, and I’ll be honest, I always worry about what I’ll do that will be different to the previous visits. I never want to recycle work, but the more you shoot a venue, the harder it is to avoid that, or so I thought. You see (as beautiful as the venue and the details are, and don’t get me wrong, I love the venue and the details), what makes each and every wedding completely unique and individual is the people. The people and the moments that they produce. These can’t and never will be repeats from other weddings. Literally, anything can happen at a wedding, and I mean anything!! I never in a million years thought that when I started this year, I’d capture an usher showing guests his false tooth!!! And I probably didn’t expect a guest to fall flat on her back on the dance floor, or to laugh so hard during the speeches that my sides would hurt! But it all did, and that’s why I bloody love this crazy job.

So yeah, weddings kick ass, no matter how many times you’ve been to the same venue, and even more so when you get to spend it with amazing people like Emmalene and Ben. They’ll be kicking back in Canada right now, I know,!!! So here it is, a crazy preview from a crazy day at the amazing Cripps Stone barn, Emmie and Ben;

jesus pier wedding dress cripps-stone-barn-wedding03 jimmy choo wedding shoes cripps-stone-barn-wedding04 cripps-stone-barn-wedding05 cripps-stone-barn-wedding06 cripps-stone-barn-wedding07 cripps-stone-barn-wedding08 cripps-stone-barn-wedding09 cripps-stone-barn-wedding10 cripps-stone-barn-wedding11 cripps-stone-barn-wedding12 cripps-stone-barn-wedding13 cripps-stone-barn-wedding14 cripps-stone-barn-wedding15 cripps-stone-barn-wedding16 cripps-stone-barn-wedding17 cripps-stone-barn-wedding18 cripps-stone-barn-wedding19 vw camper van wedding picture cripps-stone-barn-wedding21 cripps-stone-barn-wedding22 cripps-stone-barn-wedding23 cripps-stone-barn-wedding24 cripps-stone-barn-wedding25 cripps-stone-barn-wedding26 cripps-stone-barn-wedding27 cripps-stone-barn-wedding28 cripps-stone-barn-wedding29 cripps-stone-barn-wedding30 cripps-stone-barn-wedding31 london red bus wedding transport red london bus for wedding lightbox wedding sign cripps-stone-barn-wedding35 cripps-stone-barn-wedding36 cripps-stone-barn-wedding37 cripps-stone-barn-wedding38 cripps-stone-barn-wedding39 cripps-stone-barn-wedding40 cripps-stone-barn-wedding41 cripps-stone-barn-wedding42 cripps-stone-barn-wedding43 vintage barber shop table plan cripps stone barn wedding photography cripps stone barn wedding photography cripps stone barn wedding photography jesus pier wedding gown back cripps-stone-barn-wedding49 cripps-stone-barn-wedding50 cripps-stone-barn-wedding51 cripps-stone-barn-wedding52 cripps-stone-barn-wedding53 cripps-stone-barn-wedding54 cripps-stone-barn-wedding55 cripps-stone-barn-wedding56 cripps-stone-barn-wedding57 cripps-stone-barn-wedding58 cripps stone barn wedding photography cripps stone barn wedding photography cripps-stone-barn-wedding61 cripps-stone-barn-wedding62 cripps-stone-barn-wedding63 cripps-stone-barn-wedding64 cripps-stone-barn-wedding65 cripps-stone-barn-wedding66 cripps-stone-barn-wedding67 cripps-stone-barn-wedding68 cripps-stone-barn-wedding69 cripps-stone-barn-wedding70 cripps-stone-barn-wedding71 cripps-stone-barn-wedding72 cripps-stone-barn-wedding73 cripps-stone-barn-wedding74 cripps-stone-barn-wedding75 cripps-stone-barn-wedding76 cripps-stone-barn-wedding77 cripps-stone-barn-wedding78 cripps-stone-barn-wedding79 cripps-stone-barn-wedding80 cripps-stone-barn-wedding81 Cripps stone barn

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