Cripps Stone Barn Wedding Photography – Dolly and Garry

Sunset at cripps stone barn
"They look incredible, absolutely over the moon with them. The way that you've captured moments is brilliant."

This is my hat-trick appearance as a Cripps Stone Barn wedding photographer, and like the previous 2, I loved every minute of it. It’s a true gem of a venue, and becomes something else when you fill it with great people. Dolly and Garry, along with their family and friends, certainly are that, everyone was there to have an amazing time and to celebrate D&G’s special day!!

It was an action packed day with so many great moments, a standout highlight was definitely Dolly’s reaction when one of her best friends (who she thought was serving on a Royal Navy ship in the Gulf) turned up in bridesmaid attire with an hour to spare!!! Hats off to Garry for managing to pull that one off without Dolly finding out!

I’m not sure the day could have gone any better for these 2, I’m sure it lived up to every expectation they had. This is a small selection of my favourites from that special day;

cripps-stone-barn-01 cripps-stone-barn-02 cripps-stone-barn-03 cripps-stone-barn-04 cripps-stone-barn-05 cripps-stone-barn-06 cripps-stone-barn-07 cripps-stone-barn-08 cripps-stone-barn-09 cripps-stone-barn-10 cripps-stone-barn-11 cripps-stone-barn-12 cripps-stone-barn-13 cripps-stone-barn-14 cripps-stone-barn-15 cripps-stone-barn-16 cripps-stone-barn-17 cripps-stone-barn-18 RAF Sword Arch at wedding cripps-stone-barn-20 cripps-stone-barn-21 cripps-stone-barn-23 cripps-stone-barn-22 cripps-stone-barn-24 cripps-stone-barn-28 cripps-stone-barn-25 RAF Military wedding fly by cripps-stone-barn-27 cripps-stone-barn-29 cripps-stone-barn-30 cripps-stone-barn-31 cripps-stone-barn-32 cripps-stone-barn-33 cripps-stone-barn-34 cripps-stone-barn-35 cripps-stone-barn-36 Sunset at cripps stone barn cripps-stone-barn-38 Cripps stone barn wedding pictures cripps-stone-barn-40 Cripps stone barn first dance cripps-stone-barn-42 cripps-stone-barn-49 cripps-stone-barn-43 cripps-stone-barn-45 cripps-stone-barn-46 cripps-stone-barn-47 cripps-stone-barn-48 Cripps stone barn at night


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