English Garden Wedding, Essex, UK – Elle and Matt

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"They’re unreal! So glad you stayed into the evening, there's some pretty special stuff there mate, and we’re both blown away with what you’ve got! The exact reason we chose you!"

As I sit in my rooftop Airbnb in central Copenhagen, looking out across the city, blasting out some funk’n’soul on Spotify (right now it’s; I’m coming out, Diana Ross!!! This will become relevant as you read on!!!), I can’t help but just reflect a little on how crazy and ridiculously special this “job” is!!! The completely uninspired 22 year old student in me still can’t quite believe it!!! I feel hugely fortunate and honoured when a couple decide I’m the photographer for them. The places I get to visit, the coffee/food/wine/beer that comes with travelling, the events I get to witness, experience and ultimately document, but more than anything…… the people I get to meet. (Le Freak, CHIC!!!!). It’s without doubt that the biggest and most unexpected perk to this “job” is getting to hang out with people like Elle and Matt. A couple who I hadn’t really met until Saturday morning, but by 11am, I felt like I was at my 2 best mates wedding! And suffice to say, if they didn’t live so far away (Dorset coastline!!!), they would absolutely be getting asked round for my eggs and avo Sunday special!!! In fact, guys, if you’re ever near Derbs, consider this an invite!!!!

So, onto the reason for this post, Elle and Matt’s amazing wedding!!! I can still remember their enquiry landing back in early 2017, and sometimes, you just get a vibe! And I got that vibe with these guys, big willy style! They were planning an English garden wedding in Essex, and they ticked all of the boxes! Like, all of them!!! One element stood out though, “party”!!!! It was going to be a party, not a formal and traditional affair with receiving lines and small talk (sorry if this offends, but you know, that’s not my cup of tea!!!). They wanted everyone to have the day/night of their lives, but even I, knowing this, could not have prepared myself for just how good the night would be! (Got to Be Real, Cheryl Lynn, TUNE!!!) I think it’s fair to say, and I’m sure they’ll agree with me here, but one of the best calls they made was asking “Uncle Funk and the Boogie Wonderband” if they could perform! Now usually, these guys would performing at Glastonbury, and it was the Glasto weekend after all, but fortunately for Elle, Matt and everyone else down in Essex on Saturday night, Mr Eavis decided to take a year off!!!! Hands down one of the best bands I’ve seen perform at a wedding! And really, these guys were just the proverbial cherry on the top of an already amazing cake! The day could not have been better. It looked crazily stunning, the weather gods dished out a cracking English summers day, the garden was in pristine condition, and everyone that attended (Young Hearts Run Free, Candi Staton!) wore the biggest of smiles from start to finish!

So here it is, Elle and Matts brilliantly crazy English garden wedding in rural Essex! I’m off to find a sports bar in Copenhagen to watch Mr Kane smash the Belgians!!

Before I sign off, just a few quick mentions. A big thanks to the talented Greg Coltman for 2nd shooting this one with me. The wonderful Mr Lee of Shutterbox Films for doing his video shizz and being an all round nice guy! Uncle Funk and the Boogie Wonderband along with the crazy talent of Tom Braggins (layering skills Tom!!!) for providing all sorts of audio goodness!!

The weekend starts now, have a great one guys!!!

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