Ever After, Dartmoor Wedding – Georgia and Lee

"THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, we love them and I balled my eyes out! So many fantastic shots."

It feels like 20 minutes ago when I was on the dance floor at Georgia and Lee’s wedding down at Ever After in Dartmoor, watching in great amusement at some next level shape throwing! I’ve always said that the dance floor is one of my favourite parts of the day, and when Georgia said on her booking form: “Love the drunken messy photos on the dance floor so the more of these the better!” I really hoped her guests gave me some craziness to work with!!! Well, they did not disappoint. It was one of my favourite dance floors of 2016, it was simply relentless, my kind of party!! The rest of the day wasn’t bad either!!!! 😉

The Ever After venue in Lower Grenofen really was a hidden gem, one of those where you question your sat nav, are you being led on a merry dance down a country lane with a dead end?! But fear not, at the end of that country lane was the most incredible setting for a gathering, there were no worries about disturbing the neighbours here, because there are none!! The grounds were stunning, the rooms next level, the space and flow of the day was perfect and the food was amazing, there can’t have been a single guest who was disappointed, it had it all. Georgia and Lee must still be beaming with their choice of venue and how the day went.

So yeah, it was a pretty special day, it just felt like an amazing party from start to finish, and I’m not sure I could pay a better compliment than that. Oh yeah, and as if all of that wasn’t enough, Louie the french bulldog was like a cherry on the biggest cake, I left with dog envy!!! What a dude! If you do one thing today, make sure you follow him on Instagram – @louie_the_frenchieuk

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