FForest Wedding Pictures, Cardigan, Wales – Laurie and James

Tilt Shift Wedding image from Fforest in Wales
"Oh Sam, we're absolutely smitten with what you've sent us in the teaser"

At last, I’ve shot an Fforest wedding!!!! I remember seeing some images from this amazing venue in Cardigan when I first got started in this industry 3 years ago, and needless to say, I was jealous!!!! I wanted to shoot there. I had to shoot there! Everything about the venue, location and surroundings just appealed to me. Relaxed and informal with a brilliant camping vibe, what’s not to love?!

So, it took a couple of years, but last summer, the email that I’d long been waiting for landed. It was Laurie, she was marrying Chalky (aka James!) and I was slightly delighted when they booked!!! My worry when I look forward to a wedding and venue as much as this, is that it can never live up to my expectations, but I had absolutely no reason to worry about this one. It matched those high expectations, and some! I also could not have wished to shoot there in better company, Laurie and James wore the biggest grins you can imagine all day long. This undoubtedly rubbed off on their guests who clearly had a Wale of a time!!!!! I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help myself!!! 😉

Anyway, enough of my ramblings. This is Laurie and James, at FForest in Cardigan, having the day of their dreams;

Wales wedding photography fforest-wedding-pictures-02 fforest-wedding-pictures-03 FForest dome tent fforest-wedding-pictures-05 fforest-wedding-pictures-06 fforest-wedding-pictures-07 fforest-wedding-pictures-08 fforest-wedding-pictures-09 Groomsmen at Fforest wedding fforest-wedding-pictures-11 fforest-wedding-pictures-12 fforest-wedding-pictures-13 fforest-wedding-pictures-14 fforest-wedding-pictures-15 fforest-wedding-pictures-16 Bride and Groom Vows at Fforest Humanist Ceremony at FForest Wedding ceremony at FForest FForest Wedding pictures fforest-wedding-pictures-21 fforest-wedding-pictures-22 fforest-wedding-pictures-23 fforest-wedding-pictures-24 fforest-wedding-pictures-25 fforest-wedding-pictures-26 fforest-wedding-pictures-27 fforest-wedding-pictures-28 fforest-wedding-pictures-29 Tipi at Fforest Wales Wedding at FForest Fforest wedding in Cardigan fforest-wedding-pictures-33 fforest-wedding-pictures-34 Camping at Fforest Wales Fforest Cardigan, Wales Wedding speeches at Fforest Wedding speeches at Fforest fforest-wedding-pictures-40 fforest-wedding-pictures-41 fforest-wedding-pictures-42 Camping and wedding pictures from Fforest fforest-wedding-pictures-44 Wedding guests at Fforest in Wales fforest-wedding-pictures-46 fforest-wedding-pictures-47 fforest-wedding-pictures-48 Brenizer Wedding image FForest Wedding pictures Tilt Shift Wedding image from Fforest in Wales Bouquet throw at Fforest Wedding guests at Fforest fforest-wedding-pictures-54 fforest-wedding-pictures-55 fforest-wedding-pictures-56 First dance at Fforest fforest-wedding-pictures-58 fforest-wedding-pictures-59 fforest-wedding-pictures-60 Black and white sparkler shot fforest-wedding-pictures-62 fforest-wedding-pictures-63 fforest-wedding-pictures-64 fforest-wedding-pictures-65 fforest-wedding-pictures-66 fforest-wedding-pictures-67 fforest-wedding-pictures-68 fforest-wedding-pictures-69 fforest-wedding-pictures-70


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