Fontanilles Wedding, Girona, Spain – Nicole and Scott

"WOW! These shots look great thank you!"

This one is fresh off the press! I shot the amazing wedding of Nicole and Scott in Fontanilles, a gorgeous little town in Girona on Saturday just gone, and I could not wait to get home to go through the images. Not only was it a stunning location, full of crazily nice New Yorkers! And not only did Nicole and Scott look all boom boom pow, but it was jam packed with beautiful moments and stomach hurting laughter!! I certainly regretted having an early flight home on Sunday morning, my legs did not want to drag themselves out of bed!!

The location, wow, the location!! Some folk might wonder why you would choose to fly all the way from NY to the east coast of Spain to celebrate your wedding, but 2 minutes walking around this place, and I guarantee any doubts you did have would have been long gone! We took in the beautiful town of Peratallada on the Friday evening for a pre-wedding shoot, and I’m already wanting to go back! Expect to see some of those on the blog very shortly.

For now, this is a little preview of the beautiful Nicole and Scott, getting married, in Spain!!

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