Gaynes Park Barn Wedding, Essex – Danni and Chris

"oh myyyyy f'in God!!!! They are incredible Sam, we both just sat here pretty much crying at every single one!!!"

This time last week, I was spending the day with Danni and Chris for their amazing wedding at Gaynes Park in Essex, it certainly never felt like a Thursday in the middle of October, that’s for sure!!

I could tell you about how fun everyone was, how they danced hard into the night, how the speeches even made my sides ache, and how cool they both looked, but what really made Danni and Chris’s day extra special was that they have an adorable daughter, Orla. As a married man of 14 months who also had his wife-to-be walk down the aisle with our daughter, I could totally appreciate how Chris must have been feeling for those few moments. Weddings are crazily emotional events on a normal day, I’m sure Chris will agree, but you can amplify that feeling by a hundred when your little girl is waving at you from the top of the aisle. I’m absolutely sure that’s something that will live long in his memory.

So yeah, I bloody loved this one, emotion, plenty of love and heinous amounts of laughter, this is Danni, Chris, and Orla;

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