Langley Priory Wedding, Derbyshire – Laura and Robert

"Sam we could kiss you..... absolutely awesome!"

18 months ago, Laura and Robert popped over to my house for a coffee, they were thinking about booking me to shoot their wedding!! I can still remember that meeting, and thinking to myself, “I hope they book, they sounded fun”!!!! Well…….. they only went and booked!!

I love a bit of fun time, but nothing prepared me for how much fun I would have at this one! For a photographer, it was a perfect day, apart from almost missing the church and spilling red wine over a guest, but we’ll skim over those bits!!!! From start to finish, something was always happening; people were laughing or crying, playing tug-of-war, hula-hooping, or stealing plants, you name it, it was going down!!! I was like a kid in sweet shop being told to grab whatever I wanted!!!

The reception was set in the grounds of the amazing Langley Priory in Derbyshire, a perfect location for drinking and dancing and garden games! And this is a little preview of their crazy day;

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