Mentoring for Wedding Photographers

mentoring for wedding photographers

Mentoring for Wedding Photographers.

So if you’ve found yourself landing on this page, chances are you’re already an established wedding photographer, or you’re new to the industry, and looking to up your game – you’re just not sure where to start?! Maybe you’re in a creative rut, struggling to gain enquiries or convert, you want to get your prices up and shoot less, or you’re just looking to gain more confidence in how you go about your job?! I’ve been through all of those stages, and there are still times when I completely feel like a fraud! But there are a few things about me, my background and mindset that have attracted other wedding photographers to seek out 1-2-1 training, and previously I’ve never been able to accommodate those requests, but now, along with the Online Training Program, that’s changing.

My aim and core value is to apply the business processes and self-critisicm I apply to mine on a daily basis to that of other photographers. No feedback or suggestion is ever made or delivered from a place other than that of trying to help and improve your current business or product. If you’re not comfortable with taking constructive feedback, this won’t be for you.

I now offer remote mentoring via zoom, or the option to visit my office/studio for the day, more on those below….

Mentoring for Wedding photographers

A little bit about me…

The first thing you should know about me is that I’m incredibly self critical, I set myself the highest standards in my work, so high I have to accept that sometimes I can’t always meet those standards, but I always aim for them. I’m also a huge believer in marginal gains – if there’s an element of my business that can be improved, no matter how small, I find it and adjust it. If you can relate to any of this, and you want to know more about my background, I’m going to make a confession first…..

I’m not a professionally trained or educated photographer, I have no formal education in photography. There, I said it, I just so happened to pick up a camera one day and I just got the bug, call it whatever you like, something just felt very natural and easy, I then spent the next 5-6 years “experimenting” – taking way too many bad images I can’t even tell you (I still take bad images, just for the record!!!). During this time I was running an online clothing business, fresh out of a degree in Creative Design and Marketing that never really got pursued. Those years, along with some great experiences in high-end fashion retail gave me a strong footing to build my business to where it is today, drawing on knowledge in a variety of fields; from art and design, business and management, to marketing and digital marketing, along with retail and sales. Learning how to use a camera was the easy bit!!!

mentoring for wedding photographers

Kind words from mentoring sessions…

Lee – – “I first met Sam at a NineDots gathering and have been following his work for a good few years now. I love everything about his business model – his approach, his branding and of course his photography. I was thinking of booking onto a workshop but I felt I wanted something that was a bit more tailored to my business. So I waited until he finally started to offer mentoring and when he did I was straight in there! I’ve had three sessions with him now and they have been fantastic. He is so honest and will tell you if something isn’t working. It’s great to get that input from someone who is where you’re aiming to get to. I feel I have moved my business forward in the last few months and that’s down to him.

I would 100% recommend Sam to anyone who is looking to take their business to the next level. It also helps that he’s just a bloody top bloke!”

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So what are the details?

Each mentee that comes on board will have a tailored plan that’s relevant to their business and future goals. I need to know that I am able to provide value to you and your business, so before anything else, we have a call to talk about your background, where your business is at, and where you need/want to improve. I also discuss my background and if I feel I can bring some value to your business, and if our ideas align, then we’ll book the session(s) in.

Before our first session, I’ll ask for some details on your business; a folder of portfolio images, access to a full gallery or 2, sales process and email responses, and then I’ll draw up a plan for topics we’re going to work through. I’ll also carry out a website/brand review before we begin to prioritise the lessons.

How much is it?

I offer a few packages, which can be tailored to your needs, but these are the current options;

  • Online – via Zoom, 3 x90 minute sessions – £450
  • Online – via Zoom, 6 x90 minute sessions – £850
  • 1 photographer in person – Full day at my office (9-5, includes coffee+lunch!) – £695
  • 2 photographers in person – Full day at my office (9-5, includes coffee+lunch!) – £1195
  • 3 photographers in person – Full day at my office (9-5, includes coffee+lunch!) – £1495

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