Online Training Program for Photographers

online training program for photographers

Online Training Program for Photographers.

Here it is, finally! After hosting 11 workshops to over 170 photographers, mentoring established photographers, and speaking at 4-5 different conferences aimed at the wedding industry, I’m bringing the content (and loads of new stuff!!) to an online audience. So if you’ve previously been unable to attend, you’re an international student, or just finding my work and education for the first time, here are the details for y’all;

First and foremost, this is about much more than just wedding photography. With a background in Art and Design, Business and Marketing, Retail and Sales, the experience and knowledge I pass onto my students far exceeds the process of just how to take a picture! Obviously we do cover that, but if you’re serious about taking your business to the next level, or you’re looking to move into the field of photography as a profession, this 6 week course is packed with resource, lessons, and tangible ideas you can implement tomorrow and help you avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes so many photographers make.

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Don’t listen to me, listen to Dan;

Dan Sakal – D&A  “As a photographer who’s been in the industry for 15 years, you could argue that going to another photographers workshop might be a pointless exercise… however, nothing could be further from the truth, it was by far one of the most valuable learning experiences I’ve had in my 15 years in this wonderful industry, which includes a 3 year photography degree! and let me tell you why….

Firstly, it’s not your bog standard, “let me tell you how great I am”, “here’s a load of my best work” type workshop. Which as we all know is what a lot of these workshops offer.

Secondly, it’s not a styled workshop, there’s no fancy couple set up in a pretend wedding for portfolio building, in fact, I don’t think a photo was taken yesterday at all!

Sam’s workshop was top to bottom about stripping down all the gimmicks and keeping things simple, but doing things incredibly efficiently and to a high standard. Something I strive for in my own business.

I’ve taken away so much from a one day workshop with Sam that I will implement into my own business and it will absolutely change my workflow for the better. Something which, in my opinion, is priceless.

Sam’s a great photographer, no doubt, but he’s also a great guy and he is an open book. No part of his business is off limits and his honesty was really refreshing.

It really doesn’t matter what level of ability you are, whether just starting out or 15 years shooting, it’s a beneficial experience to go to one of his workshops and I’m really glad I did. Despite COVID and the world around us crumbling it has given me that kick up the arse to get things done at a time when my motivation is low. So massive thanks buddy!

If you’re considering joining his mentoring programme or online course, do it. Honestly think it’ll be the best money you’ve spent.”

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Topics we’ll be covering;

  • Week 01 – Shooting setup and kit – including techniques and identifying your style.
  • Week 02 – Branding and Marketing – including web design and common mistakes.
  • Week 03 – Shooting in low light and using OCF – including how to shoot the dancefloor.
  • Week 04 – Business and Automation – approach to being a professional and efficient photographer.
  • Week 05 – SEO and Social media – how to drive organic and genuine traffic to your site.
  • Week 06 – Workflow and Editing – covering backup, automation, delivery and efficiency.


Sarah “Sam, I honestly can’t put into words how much I have taken away from your workshop! The hours I’ve lost watching flash tutorials on YouTube to only be disappointed by the results, then for the penny to drop in a 5 minute chat with you (I’ve recently looked at paying £400 just for a lighting course! Not anymore), so a massive thanks for adding that in.”


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The details;

The course will take place over 6 weeks via a live Zoom every Tuesday morning at 10am GMT, starting on the 3rd of November 2020. Each lesson will be recorded and posted in the private Facebook group for you to re-visit, or catch up if you can’t make the live session. Each session will consist of around 70-90 minutes of presentation, with the remainder of the time assigned for Q&A. There will also be an accompanying PDF of notes for each topic with any relevant links or articles for you to explore in your own time.

Sponsors will be announced in due course and there will be relevant discount codes or prizes from companies whose products I use and endorse within the day to day running of my business.

The price;

£199.00 – a one-off price, that’s less than £34 per lesson!!! “This is truly a workshop for every photographer, whether you have been in the business ten years or ten minutes. You will definitely walk away with food for thought on aspects of your business, branding, marketing, the way you approach shooting, and most importantly why you’re doing it. Sam forces you to ask yourself questions which will put you on the road to developing your style and making your business more profitable. The course is full of real, practical information that you can actually use, and basically pays for itself!

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“I’m new to photography, is this for me or do I need more experience?” – I get asked this a lot. And it genuinely doesn’t matter what stage of business you are at, or aren’t at for that matter. If you’ve never shot a wedding, or picked up a commercial job, the volume of content that will be of value to you in this course is going to be huge! It will help you fast-track the potential of moving into photography as a side hustle or a full time profession.

“What if I can’t make Tuesday mornings, I’m at work?” – Not a problem, each and every lesson will be recorded and added to the private Facebook group, so you’ll be able to re-watch the content and go through the notes.

“How do we join the live session, and how can I ask questions?” – Once you’ve signed up (details on that below), you’ll be added to a private Facebook group where the Zoom link will be posted for you to join. Whilst presenting the content, questions will be turned off, but once the lesson is delivered, you’ll be able to ask me questions through the zoom meeting, and also later in the week through the Facebook group.

“How much is it?!” – £199!!!!! I know!!

“How do I sign up?” – scroll down for that one!

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How to sign-up;


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