Out and about with a 35mm

I’ve been meaning to get this roll of film processed for a good few months now, I’m even giving serious thought to setting up a darkroom in my office and trying my hand at processing. Film photography is the reason I do what I do, if it wasn’t for picking up a Canon AE-1 on a famous online auction site a week before me and Jemma visited Stockholm in 2009, I might not be doing this at all. I’m sure I’d have found photography eventually, but its amazing looking back on it and realising how much that week influenced me. As much as I love the ease of use and flexibility digital photography provides, you really can’t beat that wait to see how a roll of film has turned out, if it has at all, and believe me, I’ve had my fair share of over-exposed, under-exposed or blurry shots printed!!

Next year, I’ll be working hard to shoot more film, especially at weddings. This is just a small collection of shots from walks, days out and some from my window;



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