Rangefinder’s 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography 2015

Greece wedding venue photograph
VOTED 1 of "Rangefinder Magazines 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography 2015"

I remember stumbling across Rangefinder Magazine when I first started to get involved in this crazy industry just over 3 years ago. An International magazine for Wedding and Portrait photographers, they issue a list each year; 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography, and I can still remember some of the names on that list in 2012; photographers whom I was completely inspired by, many that I still am in awe of. Each year since has been no different, some truly incredible photographers from all around the world, a list that I could only really dream of being included in.

Well, and you’ve probably already sussed it out, but this year, I’ve only gone and made that list!!! To even be nominated a few months back was a hugely proud moment at Docker HQ, to make the final 30 is truly something else. I’m not even sure I can find the words to express how much it means. It is a huge huge honour and comfortably my biggest accolade to date, certainly my proudest moment as a wedding photographer. I shall most certainly be celebrating tonight with the wife, I think we have a bottle of wedding champagne left somewhere!!

The last bit of this wording before I hit you with some images is to say a few thank you’s; I never forget the huge decision that couples make to pick me as their wedding photographer, never. It’s amazing to win an award, but my absolute primary aim has always been to make sure I deliver on every level for you guys, I can’t ever thank you enough for choosing me and welcoming me to be a part of your day. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I also have to thank the photographer who nominated me for this award and also to the judge’s who decided I should make the grade. *big virtual chest bump*

The final and biggest thank you is for my wife, it’s not easy being the wife of a wedding photographer as I’m sure most photographers will testify, but she does an incredible job as mum to our 2 little terrors whilst I’m away every weekend, and has always championed me and my work. Thank you Jemsie!!! x

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  • Kelly says:


  • Steve Fuller says:

    Big congrats Sam much deserved!!

  • Alex says:

    YES!!!! Utterly brilliant mate and so well deserved!!! So pleased for you!! I remember that first phone call we had a few years ago, just as we were both getting into weddings. Crazy to think where the journey has taken you to and what you’ve achieved since then!!! Congratulations!

  • Greg Coltman says:

    Sam, delighted for you!!

    You know im a big fan and find inspiration in your work. And the tips, advice and teaching you gave me on the workshop opened the door to a huge step forward for me and my photography as well as the business side, so the above accolade comes as no surprise to me at all. I’m still implementing the advice you provided and I still, at each wedding, recall our discussions.

    Well done indeed and well deserved.
    All the best

  • Kim Gribbon says:

    MEGA AWESOME Sam!!! So excited to hear the news! You’re one of the hardest working people I know and your dedication to the art of wedding photography and to your couples is second to none and makes this accolade completely and utterly well deserved. Keep dreaming fella!

  • Kit says:

    Sam this is awesome! Im a wedding photographer and have you pinned to my bookmarks folder under ‘inspiration’. You’re awesome fella! Kit

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