Sperry Tent Outdoor Wedding, English Garden, UK – Elizabeth and Ed

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"OMG Sam!!! You are so unbelievably talented! These are unreal, thank you SO much!! We absolutely love them and we've been in stitches of laughter! You have captured everyones personalities to a T! We're smiling from ear to ear! Just sent them to our families too, my Mum is crying and she hasn't even finished looking at them yet!"

If you’ve never been to an outdoor wedding that you didn’t want to end, you haven’t been to the right wedding!!!!! I don’t think Elizabeth (aka BUFF!!) and Ed could have hoped for a bigger or better party to celebrate the day, the only people that left this one early were those that couldn’t handle a day on the pop! And there was a lot of pop at this sperry tent wedding!!!! 😉

I met Buff when she attended one of my first workshops back in July 2017, she’s a super talented wedding photographer if you want to go check out her work! Not long after that workshop, and I was booked to document her outdoor garden wedding just over a year later, absolutely zero pressure!!!!! On that note, kind of, and I’m sure Buff will agree with me here, but there’s a little bit of a misconception amongst people when a photographer books another photographer to shoot their wedding (believe it or not, but us wedding photographers do also get married!!), and I’m sure the same applies to MUA’s booking a MUA and so on, but people seem to ask “are you going to tell them what to photograph”, or my personal favourite; “are you going to take some photographs on your wedding day?”!!!!! Actually, and my answer to those questions was a very quick and firm “NO!!!” I’ve been there, and the main reason we book any professional that we like and trust is so that we don’t have to do it ourselves, especially when it’s our own wedding day!! Because no matter whether or not you’re a wedding photographer, your sole purpose for the day (besides actually getting married!!) is to enjoy it! If you enjoy the day, and I hope any experienced wedding photographer will tell you the same here…. but I guarantee that the feelings you both have will only spread amongst your friends and family, and in turn, they’ll enjoy the day and make it special beyond anything you could ever imagine, and oh my god did Buff and Ed enjoy themselves!!!!! It made for one of my favourite days of 2018; from start to finish, it was action packed with smiles, laughing, crying, dancing and drinking… lots more drinking, which led to more dancing!!!!

So here it is, the sensational Buff and Ed getting married, and not taking photographs of themselves!! A big thanks and shout out to Chantelle of The Gribbons for coming along on this one! Someone pass the tequila!!!!!!

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