Stamford School Engagement Shoot – Julie and Stanley

Stamford engagement shoot
"Amazing images"

It’s been a while since I blogged an engagement shoot, so I thought after spending the afternoon with Julie and Stanley at Stamford School last week, that I should do something about it! So here they are, an amazing couple, due to be married on the tiny Island of Guam in July. They both studied and met at Stamford School, so whilst on their European tour over the last few weeks, they felt it would be a fitting location to have some images, and wow, what a location it was!

As couples go, I don’t think you could wish to meet a nicer pair than these 2. Any couple who present me with a selection of all-butter delicasies from their country at the start of a shoot are onto a winner! By the way guys, if you’re reading this, we had to hide those from Betsy, she had one and then wanted the whole pack!!! I had to hide them in my belly!!! 😉

So this is Julie and Stanley, all the way over from Hong Kong. I wish them the very best for their wedding in July, can’t wait to see some pictures.

Stamford School chapel Stamford School chapel Stamford School chapel Stamford engagement shoot stamford-school-pre-wedding-05 Stamford engagement shoot Stamford engagement shoot Stamford engagement shoot Stamford engagement shoot stamford-school-pre-wedding-10 stamford-school-pre-wedding-11 Stamford engagement shoot stamford-school-pre-wedding-13 Stamford engagement shoot stamford-school-pre-wedding-15 stamford-school-pre-wedding-16


  • Voyteck says:

    great set of photos mate, love the energy here!

  • Wonderful photos. My home town and I know the location well. Enjoyed looking through. Thank you

  • Brilliant Sam! The compositions & framing are ace, and love seeing the couples personalities shining through. Them dancing on the green is my fav!

  • Stan & Ju says:

    Sam, we love the photos SOOOO MUCH. You simply capture all the moments and bring our best memories of Stamford School to live. We are grateful BEYOND WORDS. Its been so much fun and we enjoyed every moment especially the part when the three of us were soaking wet and using our coat and suit jacket as shelter but the rain still poured down through the jackets LOL.

    Betsy, we are so delighted to know that you like the eggrolls. Do fight with your dad and grab some more before its all gone 😛

    P.S. For anyone who is thinking to do an engagement or wedding shoot, believe us, (he is not paying us to say that LOL), don’t look elsewhere, SAM will definitely be the perfect choice.

  • Ed Godden says:

    Excellent images Sam. And that shot of them dancing on the grass is ACE! Easily my favourite shot from the set.

  • Erik says:

    Natural and beautiful pictures Sam!

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