Thornton Manor Wedding, Cheshire – Jessica and Andy

"OH MY GOOD GOD!!!!!! We absolutely LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!"

Just before I power down my station this Friday afternoon, I’m crazily excited to share this post from Jessica and Andy’s wedding last weekend. On Saturday they tied the knot in a gorgeous wedding at Thornton Manor in Cheshire, and to be honest, I’m genuinely struggling to find the words to do these guys justice. You couldn’t wish to meet a more welcoming bunch. This one was extra special for me as I could totally relate to them getting married, like me and my wife, they got the life order wrong and had a daughter first, the adorable Claudia. It completely gives the whole day a different outlook when you have your own children in attendance. It somehow makes it even more special, if that’s even possible!

Jessica and Andy, and all of their friends and family for that matter, could not have asked for more from the day. Thornton Manor was an incredible setting for the event; stunning grounds, amazing food, beautiful light, and the most incredible room to throw a party in that you could ever wish to imagine, and by god did they throw a party!!!

I’m so pleased to have been a part of their day, there were so many standout moments, but I’ll never forget Andy’s dad getting the word ‘welcome’ mixed up with something else during his speech!! I’ll spare the mistake from the blog, everyone who was at the wedding will know exactly wank I was on about.

A huge shout out to the amazing Lucy Greenhill for 2nd shooting this one with me, and also Jane from Flower Design who I’m sure you’ll agree created something pretty damn special here!

So here it is, a little snapshot of an amazing day up in Cheshire. The beautiful Jessica, Andy and Claudia;

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