Tithe Barn Wedding Photography, Hampshire – Clare and Simon

"Luckily we were on our own when we first saw them as we didn't know whether to laugh or cry so did both and there were a few shrieks of joy in there too!"

I always feel the pressure a little at weddings, it’s good pressure though, pressure that just makes you want to deliver something awesome for the couple. I have to admit though, I felt it a little more at this one after hearing that Clare (through a friend of a friend!!!) was getting emotional looking at my blog posts of other weddings!!!! What if I sent her a preview of her wedding, and she didn’t get emotional?! Honestly, the mind games and scenarios running through my head!!!

Fortunately, after the wedding at Tithe Barn on Saturday, I left quietly confident that it shouldn’t be an issue! It was a beauty of a day, everything that a wedding should be; friends and family coming together, eating, drinking and celebrating the marriage of Clare and Simon, with some serious dance moves thrown into the mix, obvs!!! There were some great moments to document, both Clares dad and her Bridesmaids seeing her for the first time in the morning, Simons grandad (who celebrates his 90th in a week, Happy Birthday Simon’s Grandad) tearing up the dance floor, and that first dance (it was a good first dance folks!!!), I was never short of something to document, that’s for sure!

So, a preview has been sent to Clare and Simon, and you’ll all be pleased to know, there was plenty of emotion from Clare, and Simon too by the sounds of it!!!!!!

For the photographers out there reading this, this was the first wedding where I could really test out the new 35mm MKII, the early signs are very promising indeed, more to follow on this soon!! For now, this is Clare and Simon’s preview of that big day down in Hampshire!!!

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  • Karen Cousins says:

    Sam, your pictures are brilliant!! They perfectly capture the essence of a truly happy and magical day.
    We knew that Clare and Simon had complete confidence in your photography and it was great that you had an opportunity to meet them before their wedding – their engagement shoot in Brighton gave us a taste of what to expect. Their wedding photos have more than lived up to expectations and I can’t stop looking at them!! Thank you so much!!
    Best wishes, Karen (Clare’s Mum …. and Simon’s Mother in law!)

    • Sam Docker says:

      Thank you so much Karen, it was an absolute blast spending the day with all of Clare and Simons family and friends, everybody was so lovely! I can’t wait to get the full edit sorted now, just a few more images to come soon!!!!!!!

  • Alex says:

    Beautiful clean frames. Absolutely love the bridesmaids reaction shot, what a photo!!

  • Great reportage Sam! Some brilliant moments beautifully captured! [Didn’t know whisky + coke can be sniffed 🙂 ]

  • Jen says:

    These photographs are absolutely beautiful and capture Simon and Clare perfectly! It was fantastic working with you and we very much hope to see you at The TWIA awards next week.

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