Vignamaggio Wedding Photography, Tuscany, Italy – Emma and Jake

"Just sat watching the sunset in our plunge pool with a glass of wine, mostly laughing and a few tears, the images are INSANE!!!"

It’s time to dust off the blogging cobwebs, flex my fingers, crack my knuckles and kick off the 2018 wedding blog! And what better way to start the year than with a trip to the Tuscan hills for Emma and Jakes Vignamaggio wedding, a vineyard and winery just outside of the stunning Greve in Chianti.

I arrived in Italy on the Saturday, just as the lightning strikes were tearing up Stansted airport back home (bullet, dodged!!!), and it was straight over to Greve in Chianti to find my airbnb for the weekend, and then onto Vignamaggio. Note to self for future Tuscany weddings, a 1 litre Fiat 500 doesn’t quite cut it on the hills, must upgrade!!!! And also, try to avoid airbnb’s that tell you to ignore google maps but also provide minimal directions and adequate signage on their property!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so it was time to go find Emma and Jake!! And by gummy gum drops, my car and accommodation issues (I’ll not mention it anymore, I promise) were totally worth it!! Within 5 minutes of parking up at Vignamaggio and meeting Emma and Jake, my excitement levels for the day(s) ahead were off the chart. The venue, well, I feel for any of their friends or family getting married after them, good luck with that guys!!! Emma and Jake themselves couldn’t have been more welcoming or radiant, both smiling like little kids given free reign at Hamleys!!!! Jake also happens to have chest definition that the skinny teenager in me always hoped would magically develop one day, it didn’t, I’m still skinny, but not bitter at Jake, his chest is a thing of beauty and I should probably stop talking about it now!! Emma also looked aesthetically pleasing, obvs! Ok ok, they both looked bloody amazing, were super lovely, and the venue was sensational; it had the makings of a pretty damn special couple of days.

That evening, everyone gathered around the pool for a few Aperol Spritz, slices of stone baked pizza, and some canon-balling!! If I was excited when I arrived, I was shaking with excitement by the time I left the pool party. I always always worry when I build a day up in my mind before the day has even happened, I can’t help but think it will just disappoint….. BUT THIS ONE CERTAINLY DIDN’T!!!!!!!! Far from it….

I’ll let the pictures tell you about what happened during the day, but I do have to just give a huge shout out to Joyce, Emma’s gran! 86 years young, and who originally didn’t feel strong enough to make it out to Italy, but with a few months to go, decided that life’s just too short, she liked limoncello, and she just had to be there! I know from speaking to Emma a few weeks before the wedding just how important that decision was, but I don’t think we could have anticipated just how amazing it would turn out to be, the girl got moves!!!!!!

OK, anyone for limoncello?!!!

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Big holla to the supporting cast;
The Video guy – Paul Van
Venue – Vignamaggio
Planning and styling – The Wedding Boutique Italy
Hair and Make-up – By Jodie



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