Villa Catureglio Wedding, Tuscany, Italy – Daniela and Carlo

villa catureglio wedding
"We are patting ourselves on the back we picked our wedding date so that you were available!"

So, after a few months off from blogging, what better way to get back into the swing of it, than with Daniela and Carlo’s wedding at Villa Catureglio in Tuscany, Italy?! I know, Tuscany hey, what a dump!!!!! 😉 You’ll be pleased to hear that the location was awful, the weather bleak, the day completely boring, there’s literally nothing for you to see here!! I can’t even believe I’m blogging it to be honest. Am I playing the sarcasm card too much? Yeah ok, it was bloody amazing!!!! Italy is as stunning in the summer as I imagined, this was my first summer visit by the way, and it did not disappoint. Neither did the weather, the venue, the light, the food (oh my lord the food!!!), the wine, the partying, and most of all, Daniela and Carlo. These guys could have held an incredible party at a working mans club in Swindon if they wanted! Not that there’s anything wrong with Swindon by the way, or working mens clubs, or that they shouldn’t have gone to Italy!! You get what I mean!! Absolutely beautiful people, inside and out. I couldn’t have wished to document anyone else getting married that weekend.

I left Tuscany on that Sunday afternoon completely torn, I obviously couldn’t wait to get back home to see the kids and the wife, but I didn’t really want to go. If you’ve never been to Italy, you absolutely should take this as a prompt to do something about it. I’m a massive fan of the South of France, but the weather/food/wine here absolutely gives it a run for it’s money. I suspect it won’t be long before I return to Tuscany with the family, so a huge huge thank you to Daniela and Carlo for getting me out there, it was a sensational weekend, one that I won’t be forgetting in a hurry.

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