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“I woke up extra early this morning and couldn’t sleep because I’m too excited about sharing our photos with everybody. They are just insane!!! You put so much passion into it & you can really see it in every photograph. There’s such a fabulous range – funny, wicked, awesome, beautiful, tender…. All those feelings and emotions are in there. The personalities are genuinely captured. I couldn’t begin to tell you which my favourites are because they are all my favourites. I’m really not sure how we will ever thank you enough and properly… We’re working on that. But for now please just know that you’ve made us incredibly happy & we couldn’t ever have imagined such a dream collection of memories.”

Hannah and Toby – France

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“We watched the wedding slideshow (more than once) together alone on Saturday night, and then had the pleasure of watching it again with friends on Sunday. It was so special to get to see their reactions!

We love all the photos and can’t get over how amazing they are. Our friends love them too and can’t stop complimenting you. Given we are one of the firsts to get married from our group, I have a suspicion you can expect a lot of business down the line 🙂

Capturing the weekend was the absolute most important thing to us so thank you so much for doing such a fabulous job and really doing justice by our wedding in our eyes.

Much love”

Daniela and Carlo – Italy 

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“Just wanted to say a massive thank you to you for the awesome pictures. Even before any photos we have had so many comments from family and guests about how great you were on the day and how friendly you were. Both me and Georgia agree that booking you was the best decision we made regarding our wedding along with our venue. Having you relaxed and having a good time made it a lot easier and less stressful for the both of us. And then there is the photos. We are both so pleased.


We love them and I balled my eyes out!! So many fantastic shots.”

Georgia and Lee – Dartmoor

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“WOW, the photos are quite honestly MIND-BLOWING.  I can’t thank you enough for capturing our day so beautifully, your care in photographing every detail was EPIC.

You have continued to make this such a special experience.

That slideshow had me in tears all over again evoking so many wonderful emotions.  Thank you so much.

Lots and lots of love from me and thank you again, you are one seriously TALENTED guy.”

Holly and Simon – Hampshire

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You are an absolute LEGEND …. these photos are completely INCREDIBLE! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

We have watched this slideshow about 5 times already and are so so so blown away with how beautiful & amazing your snaps are. You have captured the day, people and place in the most magical way.

We are rushing out the door to dinner so will be in touch again tomorrow but I just wanted to say thank you.

I knew you were bloody talented but this is NEXT LEVEL!

They are perfect, thank you”

Ebony and Declan – Boracay Island

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“Sam we are blown away

I’ve only just stopped crying! Absolutely stunning mate. So so good. Can’t wait for all our friends and family to watch it!! Thank you so much!”

Chloe and Josh – Hereford

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Viewing night last night.. plenty of Champagne as would only be fitting..! The verdict is in..and..  we LOVE them soo much and cant wait to share! Thank you sooo much they are just brilliant, sooo many great shots and we barely even noticed you there on the day! (that is meant in the nicest possible way…!?) Dave will now tell me off for excessive use of the word so and exclaimation marks..”

Claire and Dave – France

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“The pictures are AWESOME, FANTASTIC, BRILLIANT, BEAUTIFUL, STUNNING, FUNNY, CUTE and just LEGENDARY!!! Thank you so much Sam! I honestly don’t know how to put this in words…

Oh, and just one more thing: in your instructions to watching the video, you should advise people to have tissues handy – plenty of tissues…

I’d be biased if I said that yes it is your best work this year, but it is bloody good, I know that. Although I missed the first half of the slideshow because my eyes were a bit blurred by the tears…

This morning I actually thought “who cries when looking at their wedding pictures?? That’d be weird, really”

Anyway…. Thank you!!!! Merci!!!! Danke!!!!”

Vanessa and Steffen – London

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WE LOVE THEM – every single one of them we bloody love, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.  The slideshow is epic, cracking tunes on there too. Temper Trap  – a firm fave.

Seriously, we could tell you something we like about each photo – words can not express how great it is to look through these and relive the day. We’ve spent hours tonight chatting about how much we enjoyed the day. Photos really are the way to remember the day.

We are so pleased that we had you to photograph our day. Could not have imagined anyone else living up to the job and delivering photos like you have. All of them are our kind of style and what we were after.

Basically Sam, we adore them all.”

Holly and Andrew – Perth

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“Sam, I cannot begin to find enough adjectives to describe how happy your photos have made us.

We are completely blown away by your talent, so thankful that we had you share our special day with us and completely ecstatic with the memories that you have given us.

You have perfectly captured our personalities, the love, the excitement, the nerves, the laughter, the friendship and most importantly the most amazing day of our lives. You knew exactly when and what to capture and you went above and beyond to do it. You have given us the most amazing photos to be able to re live the day over and over again.

And you captured ‘That’ photo!!!!

The photos are effortlessly awesome, you are simply amazing!

Thank you doesn’t even come close!”

Katie and Ashley – The Cotswolds

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“These are perfect. So great. You have captured our day more beautifully than we could have ever hoped. We watched the slideshow last night  with a lot of laughs and a lot of tears (and repeated this process this morning!). We are absolutely amazed by how many moments and people you have managed to capture and just how well you have captured them. I said to Danny before the wedding that all I wanted was 15 great shots and we’ve ended up with hundreds and hundreds of great great shots. It will be a happy chore whittling down our favourites!

We also wanted to pass on our enormous thanks to you for not only being so wonderfully talented but for fitting in so well to our day. So many of our friends and family commented on how well you fitted in to the party and how lovely you were. We also really appreciated the efforts in time and energy that you went to in order to capture the day how we wanted (standing in the freezing cold on the beach, running round and round in the mud to get our sparkler shot etc etc!!).

We can’t wait to share the photos with our friends and family.

Maybe we will see you again next time we have a major life event we want to capture :)”

Rachel and Danny – Portsmouth