Wiltons Music Hall Wedding, London – Tina and Rory

"Oh we love them! What a crazy day!"

I always get quite excited, and a little nervous, at the start of a wedding, you’re never quite sure how the day will pan out and what it will hold. For Tina and Rory’s, there was an extra level of excitement as I was about to experience my first Greek Orthodox ceremony, and the famous ‘money dance’!! Not only that, the reception was going to be held at the incredible Wilton’s music hall; one of the last and oldest surviving music halls in the world!! If you’re ever passing by Tower Hill or Whitechapel, you should definitely hunt this place down, it’s tucked away, but well worth the visit.

Back to the excitement levels… I’d previously met Tina and Rory for a drink and chat at Wilton’s a couple of months before the ceremony, so needless to say, my excitement-o-meter was off the chart come Saturday morning. We started nice and early at Tina’s amazing little nail salon in Shoreditch, go check out the Painted Lady, ladies, or dudes, who am I to judge!! And then it was on to the family home in Hertfordshire for some traditional Greek ceremonies. The day truly was a rollercoaster, always something happening, someone laughing, someone crying, someone dancing. It was an absolute blast to witness and be part of. This is just a little teaser of that crazy day;

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